Castle Rock Brochure Design

Castle Rock Brochure Design for Edgewood Realty

When Edgewood Realty need a new business brochure, they called us up. This brochure was created on a letter size page that would be folded in half. Since this project, Edgewood Realty has returned time and time again when they need brochures, business cards, and email templates. Great brochure design takes skill and an understanding of the business to get it right.

Many times, brochures are an afterthought and are rushed projects but sometimes it is the only thing a person will see to learn everything they need to know about whether they want to use your business or not. It has to be eye catching, contain the right amount of information (not too much, not too little) and also not too complicated. Some people try to put every piece of information in their brochure and it ends up being very hard to look at and to read. We’ll help you out by letting you know what info should stay and what should go.

Contact us when you are ready for your next Castle Rock brochure design project or take a look at our projects if you are on the fence.