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Small Business Website Design in Denver

Why do you think you need to invest in a website? The simple answer is, you can’t afford not to. Your website is the modern day store front to your business. The business with the best look and atmosphere will attract the best jobs and customers. Your website is the face of your business in the ever growing digital landscape.

At Robert Arthur Designs, we create professional, stunning, and affordable small business website designs  and help them generate new customer leads and establish themselves as the authority in their market. Whether that’s a roofing company or a local dentist. It’s where you provide information about your business and what you offer, express your value, gain leads and sell products.

Whether you’re in a need of a simple small business website to get your business online, or an e-commerce website to feature your online store, our WordPress development team will help bring your vision to life. We make sure that your new website explains clearly what your company does and why customers should choose you over your competitor.

Responsive Web Design

The majority of website traffic now occurs from mobile devices. As a matter of fact, Google will very soon start ranking sites solely on their mobile site, and not the desktop site. As a result, if your website design isn’t responsive and fast, the chances of consumers engaging with your website are drastically reduced. In fact, it’s so important that search engines like Google are now including responsive web design as part of their search ranking algorithms. Every website we develop is designed and built to be just as stunning and functional regardless of the device – that’s why our Denver responsive web design services are so effective.


A captivating, user-friendly website experience is crucial to engaging your audience and driving them towards the actions you want them to take. Whether you want your business website to drive local leads for a service business or e-commerce sales conversions for products, crafting a user experience and user interface based on your goals should be a large part of planning your website design – otherwise your digital marketing strategy may get stuck in the kindling phase. With us, we’ll make sure the fire blazes on and blazes big.

Clean/Elegant Web Design

Over-designed, complicated websites can sometimes create confused visitors. We believe the approach to great web design lies in great graphic design, and talented web design and development. The more simple the flow of a website, the higher the chances that your audience will land in your sales funnel – but, you still want your brand to inspire while it converts. That’s why our Denver web design services are based on mixing clean and elegant with beautiful and inspiring for results that create true touch points and audience impact.

Custom Web Design Beyond A Template

We’re much more than a Wix or Weebly – we’re a custom WordPress web design company. We commit to design and develop a website that is perfectly tailored to your company vision, style and goals. As custom web developers, we offer custom web development on top of existing themes (WordPress, etc), as well as fully custom websites and apps from the ground up.

Website Support and Maintenance

We know it can be stressful or too technical for many business owners to stay on top of website maintenance and troubleshoot problems when they arise. That’s why we offer monthly website maintenance care packages and WordPress care plans. We are always here to keep your site up to date, fix problems and provide general support for anything you may need for your website.

More importantly, it’s often where you make that first impression with potential customers and in today’s world of seemingly limitless options, great first impressions are key. That’s why we work hand-in-hand with small business owners to understand brand vision and internet marketing goals, then execute a website design solution that elevates you to where you want your business to be. We manage the entire process from start to finish (concept to build to optimize) and our responsive web design service ensures maximum functionality, contemporary design aesthetics, and most importantly, measurable results.

Here’s How We Work:


We start by defining your target market, understanding their motivations, and creating marketing solutions that will help speak to them. Your website is sometimes your first chance to attract prospective customers meaning it’s vital that your website is engaging and educates.

We design your website with your potential customer in mind. Modern web design is more involved than simply creating an awesome website. We now have to consider user experience, search engine optimization, ease of use, and the technical details involved in developing a website to perform in today’s online marketplace.

If you visit a site that is all images or all text, are you going to be drawn in and want to stay on the site to learn more about the business? Customer engagement starts with an attractive site layout that makes people want to learn more about your business, by checking out your products or reviewing the services you offer.

To truly make your business enticing to prospective customers, you must showcase your appeal. We use attractive photo galleries, compelling images, calls to action (CTAs) and customer reviews that will lead people to choose your product or service.

Finally, your site must educate the consumer about your business and what you have to offer. Online, you don’t have a showroom or the opportunity to speak directly to customers, so no matter how good your product looks or how charming your people skills are, if people don’t understand, they won’t make a purchase. Informative written copy, attractive images and demonstrative videos can unite to tell your story and captivate your audience of would-be customers.


We start with providing the best web hosting that we can find to keep your site running fast and secure with no down time. With a clear site structure & messaging framework in place, we build a website that clearly explains who you are, what you do, and why you are the best choice. With so many choices out there, your site has to grab your potential customer from the first view of the page.

We only create sites on the WordPress platform. Why do we do this? There are so many reasons. The easy to use, search engine friendly, flexible development platform is currently used on over 79 million websites.

  • Easy to edit content management system (CMS)
  • Search engine friendly
  • Infinitely customizable
  • The most popular CMS in the world!

SEO & Promotion

Your website is the center of your marketing activities and driving people to your new website is a way to immediately generate business and establish yourself as the leader in the market. At Robert Arthur Designs, we’re aware that money spent on marketing is meant to bring in more business, which is why we aim to keep costs low.

We work to deliver improved rankings through our in-depth seo services, which brings increased traffic and more business. With a combination of social media, meaningful CTAs, and proven design strategies, your contact forms will be getting a workout that they might not have had for a while.

Small Business + Small Budget ≠ Small Results

You’ll see how your site’s performance improves, and have opportunities to ask questions or grow your marketing to meet seasonal opportunities or holiday demands.

Our small business website design services will give you a competitive edge and make the most of your business.



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Happy customers.

 Julie Berghoff

Julie Berghoff

Broker Associate at RE/MAX Alliance

"Robert has done a fantastic job for our real estate marketing and branding needs. He is detailed, efficient, professional, and has a knack for customization that works for me as an agent, as well as for each individual property. I highly recommend him!"

 Mary Dilworth

Mary Dilworth

Marketing Manager at Colorado Bar Association CLE

"Rob is fantastic to work with!  Great quality work, very responsive and easy to work with.  I would highly recommend him."

 Crystal Hays

Crystal Hays

Creative Director/Owner
Tapyr Creative, LLC

"Robert is a ROCKSTAR and has helped save me in getting some quick turnaround projects accomplished in time. He has a great creative eye and can adapt and work with any client request i've thrown at him. Robert is efficient, reliable, and has been available when i've needed him, even in the middle of the night for projects on international time differences."

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