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Local Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of helping your business to be found by potential customer traffic online. The best traffic is organic free search result traffic so your goal is to organically rank on the first page of search engine results for your given keyword or key phrase.

SEO is one of the most critical components of digital marketing strategies for local businesses. When you hire us to help you with your SEO, you are hiring us to help you to be found online. Our Denver SEO company is consistently ranked as one of the top SEO companies in Denver and Colorado.

There are many local SEO companies but we want you to see how we are different and will increase your organic traffic and offer affordable results for you and your small business.

Are You Being Found in Local Google Searches?

There are quite easily billions of searches are performed each day on Google and Bing so the big question is, are you being found? It is a well known fact that about 90% of click traffic goes to the first 10 listings on a search result page so your local search rankings need to have you showing up on the first page for local search results.

One reason is because it is pretty common for people to assume that the first page of listings contains the top companies for a search result. Searchers rarely look beyond the first page of search results. Most people search their local market before broadening their search so you need to have a local SEO strategy in place.

Do you know where your business ranks?

SEO is not about ranking for the most popular keywords, it’s about being found when your perfect customer is looking for you. Our entire job is to help your site to be found on those first 10 listings for your chosen search phrases.

Our SEO team always starts with a large list of target keywords and phrases and then the work really begins. We take that large list, and begin to research and compare each one of those terms to determine which ones will return the best results. All of our local SEO marketing experts carefully research the right key phrases for your business, making sure your phrases bring the right kind of qualified traffic to your site.

Local SEO Services

Our local SEO services is simply SEO marketing services that is targeted towards the local potential customers and clients in your surrounding community. Our SEO team has an in-depth understanding of creating local search content using the perfect key phrases that connect with your service area. If you are trying to create a solid local presence in your community, you need to start with your website and local keyword optimization.

From on-page SEO to schema markup, to map listing and local citations, our local SEO team focuses on developing websites that are structured to attract attention from your local searchers. Locally optimized content will resonate with your community and create a connection between your business and your customers.

Sometimes search engine optimization isn’t about getting in front of every single person in the world searching for what you offer; sometimes it’s all about reaching the people in your local neighborhood that view you as part of their community. Our local SEO experts will help you to bring those customers that are right outside your door, through your doors!

Technical SEO


On the back end of your site, simple things like page speed can affect your website rankings. Simply fixing those errors can make it easier for sites like Google to crawl your site. Anything you can do to make your site easier to crawl will help you to rank higher.

Websites that offer relevant, high-quality, user-friendly experiences are rewarding with better search engine rankings. Giving attention to these details that boost a site’s performance allows you to rank higher than your competitors.

Our team uses up to date SEO theories and the best digital practices to increase your rankings which in turn will increase your site traffic. Researched long-tail key phrases are the key to bringing quality traffic to your site.

There are more Google searches on mobile devices than desktops nowadays so on top of everything else, you need to optimize your website specifically for mobile devices to make sure you reach the largest group of customers.

Our SEO specialists focus on important issues on your site such as page load speed, simple and engaging user interface, and implementing schema markup. Schema markup is a way of marking up the content on your page specifically for search engines to clearly tell them what your content is about.

Our SEO Process

  • Site Audit and SEO Consulting – We gain a better understanding of how SEO friendly your site is as well as your current rankings and site issues by going through your site in detail both by hand and also using some of our SEO software solutions. With the help of our extensive technical knowledge and SEO tools, we are able to identify areas of your site that can be improved upon to assist your site with its page rankings.Figuring out the issues that need to be worked on, we can prioritize which projects will give the best results in the shortest amount of time.
  • Competitive Analysis – In depth research of your competition allows us to gain a better understanding of the methods and terminology used within your industry. Our team will analyze social media as well as the potential for link building to raise your search strength.It allows us to understand strengths and shows us weaknesses that can be exploited to your gain. There are many companies attempting to rank for the same set of keywords so it is our job to find the untapped long-tail key phrases that other places are missing.
  • Keyword Research – The foundation of a quality SEO campaign is in identifying the most effective keywords that offer the best return on investment. This is the part that gets interesting and is sometimes eye opening to our clients. Many times we find that they have been targeting terms and phrases that have minimal search volume simply because it seems right. We have to get into the mind of your customers and learn how they search for your business.We combine this research on search terms, combined with insights on how your customers are searching. We analyzes search volume, your direct and indirect competition, keyword difficulty and a host of keyword tools.Our in-depth research allows our team to uncover opportunities to grow your business that you may have not been aware of. We will find those keyword phrase strings that will be the most valuable for growing your traffic.
  • Analytics & Reporting – We will analyze and report on the keywords your website is currently ranking for, take your “in a perfect world” wish list of keywords, and combine all of that with our additional key phrase research, and build a list that is both effective and attainable.
  • Implementation – This is when we start putting all of this research to the test and implementing our changes. We take the chosen keywords and key phrases for each page of your site and start placing them and applying on-page optimization rules to add more power to those phrases. We use a slew of SEO tools to track the changes that we make and tracks the changes in traffic so we can gauge the effectiveness of our changes.
  • Content Marketing & Creation – Content is what builds the muscle behind your key words. Without great content, your key words mean nothing and will not increase your ranking. Many of our clients like to write their own content but we do have professional content writers if you need some extra help. Your content really has to back up your business and show that you are knowledgeable and a professional in your industry.
  • Monitor Traffic & Rankings – After implementation of our SEO plan, we monitor how your site is performing by using Google Analytics as well as specific SEO tracking software that provides data driven reports. These powerful and insightful tools not only show us where we are making great strides and bumping up your rankings, they also show where we need to focus more attention.They also may bring to light SEO opportunities that we didn’t originally see. This constant monitoring allows our team to recognize issues before they become problems. The great part about these reports is that the numbers don’t lie and the numbers don’t have an agenda. They are honest and tell you where you are winning, and where you are losing.
  • Refining SEO Plan – Search engine optimization is a continuous journey that is never complete. There is always room to improve or things that can be tweaked to improve your rankings. We monitor and report weekly or monthly on how your site is ranking and give suggestions for areas to improve. We will also discuss pay per click options if there are very popular, mostly unattainable keywords that you feel you have to rank for.SEO is a constantly evolving animal and nobody knows exactly how it works. Google keeps its algorithms and processes secret and continuously changes the way that they rank sites. What we have seen is that many companies in the SEO industry are stuck in the internet marketing of the late 90’s or 2000’s where simply throwing in keywords, tags, and meta descriptions were all it took.Being a professional in the world of SEO in this current day requires constant learning and understanding of SEO trends and combining that knowledge with the skills needed to implement all of that. We are constantly taking time each day to learn more and further our SEO skills and in turn, implement what we learn into your site. Anyone can do SEO, but not everyone can do it right, and do it effectively.


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Happy customers.

 Julie Berghoff

Julie Berghoff

Broker Associate at RE/MAX Alliance

"Robert has done a fantastic job for our real estate marketing and branding needs. He is detailed, efficient, professional, and has a knack for customization that works for me as an agent, as well as for each individual property. I highly recommend him!"

 Mary Dilworth

Mary Dilworth

Marketing Manager at Colorado Bar Association CLE

"Rob is fantastic to work with!  Great quality work, very responsive and easy to work with.  I would highly recommend him."

 Crystal Hays

Crystal Hays

Creative Director/Owner
Tapyr Creative, LLC

"Robert is a ROCKSTAR and has helped save me in getting some quick turnaround projects accomplished in time. He has a great creative eye and can adapt and work with any client request i've thrown at him. Robert is efficient, reliable, and has been available when i've needed him, even in the middle of the night for projects on international time differences."

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