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WordPress is the best CMS option for all small to medium sized businesses.

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Delivering professional, and effective WordPress sites that deliver results since 2009.

Robert Arthur Designs is a WordPress designer located in Ponte Vedra, Florida, just outside of Jacksonville. Our specialty is helping small businesses and those that don’t have huge budgets acquire the tools needed to grow their business. We do this by using WordPress, the most popular, reliable, and cost friendly CMS platform. Over 75,000,000 people trust their websites to the WordPress platform so we believe that is the best option to bring your small to medium size business website to life!

Top Jacksonville Small Business WordPress Designer

Is your small business ready for an easy to manage, custom designed WordPress website?

Are you just trying to install WordPress, or looking to re-design an existing website? Either way, we’ll get you to where you need to be. Our Jacksonville WordPress web design company will not be beat!

If you’re tired of minimal results from all the effort you put into your current site, or maybe you don’t even have a website, it’s time for a WordPress designer to create a site to serve as your 24/7 sales and marketing team. A perfectly tuned website will help you gain new sales leads so you can focus on converting those leads instead of spending all your time searching.

One of the biggest things that your website can do is to show potential customers that you are an established and trustworthy business.

A WordPress website designer in Jacksonville That Won’t Blow Your Budget

A great website design with a smooth user experience is one of the best ways to bring in more business. Our website design services can add value to your business.

Say good-bye to the expense of paying a web designer to update your small business WordPress website. We use the WordPress CMS (Content Management System), which means that you can update your own website without web design experience and don’t have to always come back to our designers and developers any time you want to make a simple change on your site. If you’d like to save money and take back control of your website, give us a call for a free evaluation of your needs and estimate for your new website.

Is WordPress The Best Choice For Your business Website?

Based on your needs and requirements for your site, we’ll help you to identify if WordPress is the best choice for you.

If for some reason we believe that WordPress is not the best solution for your website, we will gladly tell you. We absolutely do not want to build a site for you that is not going to deliver the results that your business requires.

Our Custom WordPress Development Process

It all starts with an informational meeting either in person or on the phone. We explain step by step what the web development process is going to look like and the time frames we will be working with. We talk through what you are hoping to achieve and try to learn what you like and what you don’t like. We’ll usually ask you to find us some examples of websites you like and even some examples of websites you don’t like and also explain why you like or don’t like those examples. This helps us to learn what style you like and don’t like.

We ask questions about the functions you need on your site such as online scheduling or the ability for clients to upload documents, for example. There are thousands of options in plugins and themes. If you opt to have us design you a custom site instead of a pre-made theme, next comes the fun part where we start designing your site.

Once we have a design mocked up, we’ll send it over to you and you can start telling us what you like and what we should maybe re-think. We keep on working at it until it’s just right and then we’ll start building your site in WordPress, starting with the front page or home page. Occasionally we have clients asking us to use a free WordPress theme and we generally suggest not doing that since those themes are often overused and very limited in terms of design and functionality.

Once it’s perfect we’ll provide training for you as well as support you along the way to make sure that you are completely comfortable with managing your new website. 

With over 70,000,000 websites running on WordPress, it is hard to deny that it is a powerful and functional tool. Our WordPress website design service is tailored to growing businesses like yours.

Our goal is to build you a small business website that delivers to you:

  • A custom design (if that’s what you choose) that reflects the values and goals of your business.
  • A CMS platform (WordPress) that’s easy and low-cost for you to take care of and change when you need to.
  • All the tools you need to make sure your website is SEO friendly, but of course we offer SEO services as well if you would rather not worry about it.
  • A responsive website design for desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.
  • All the functionality you require for your site.
  • A website designed to be accessible to visually impaired users. Our websites are accessible to more people and comply with WCAG guidelines for accessibility.

What Is The Best WordPress Web Design Company Near Me? 

We have an in-house team of dedicated WordPress designers and WordPress developers to make your website the best it can be and make sure that your new website meets all your expectations and business needs.

About The WordPress Platform And SEO

At Robert Arthur Designs we are a full-service WordPress web development company. We have a full team of dedicated WordPress designers and developers working to make your site perfect. If you’re looking for WordPress search engine optimization (SEO), we have an extensive digital marketing team skilled in SEO and WordPress specific SEO services. One thing to remember is that just because you have a great website, you still have to get potential customers TO yours site and that is where our SEO package comes in.

Contact us for a website quote and all of your graphic design, logo design needs and we can construct a solution that accomplishes your goal at a budget that you can afford. We proudly serve Florida, Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra, Nocatee, St. Augustine, and everywhere else you can think of.

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