You may already know how to keep your content updated, but do you know how to perform the daily functions to keep your site running smooth? Maybe you have the knowledge and just don’t have the time to

Instead of trying to take care of every detail of your sites maintenance, let our professionals handle the technical details and maintenance? Our WordPress Care Plans have you covered.

Keep Your WordPress Website Updated

Your website needs to be cared for on a regular basis and since it is built with software, we all know software has to be updated. It needs to be updated to add new features, improve performance, fix bugs and patch security flaws. The actual updating of your site isn’t always very difficult until something doesn’t work absolutely perfectly. All of a sudden, you have a site that might not load or has lost functionality or isn’t displaying right. Without regular implementation of updates, you could be putting your site and users at risk.

Using one of our WordPress Care Plans takes all the stress out of updating. With our care plans, all of your website updates will go smoothly and we go the extra step and perform a backup of your website before any updates, just in case.

Improved WordPress Site Performance

Our WordPress Care Plans can also help you with your site performance by running scans and suggesting solutions. Have you noticed that your site doesn’t load as fast as you would like it to? The problem could be as simple as just having images that are sized too large or even a video that isn’t optimized for hosting on your site.

Our WordPress Care Plans can optimize code, install just the plugins you need, compress images files, reduce broken links and merge CSS files to boost your site’s performance. You may even see your search rank improve just by having your site load faster.

Maintain A Secure Website

No site is 100% secure but we can do a lot to help you to maintain a secure site that will deter hackers. Doing this does take time and it’s one of the biggest reasons many users prefer using a WordPress maintenance service.

Hackers want into your site whether you are a small personal blog site or a large eCommerce website. One of the most common uses for your hacked site is now for cryptocurrency mining.

Our service will perform security scans of your site, expose any security vulnerabilities, and then suggest solutions. As of this date, we have had no sites hacked that have been using our WordPress Care Plan.

Perform Regular Backups

One of the most looked over services among our clients is website backups. What would you do if you went to your website URL and your site was gone? Regular backups take away the risk and allow us to solve many worst-case-scenario issues in a flash. Regular backups are one the single most important maintenance step, yet many users skip them. With every hour your site is offline, you’re losing visitors, sales, and possibly even search engine rankings.

Let our WordPress Care Plan service perform backups and store them securely. With a current backup, your site will be back up quickly, no matter what happens.

Ready to give your WordPress the care it needs? Sign up today for one of our WordPress Care Plans. We offer several different levels of care from the essential plan, all the way up to our SEO and Analytics plans!

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